Free Patterns: Fastest Scarf Ever!


These patterns are all of my own design, and I retain the rights to them. Feel free to print them out for your personal use, but please do not sell them, repost them without my permission, or claim them as your own work. --Lizzi Jennings, 2005

Fastest Scarf Ever!

Left: Lion Brand Jiffy and unknown brand of dk weight cotton chenille, done in double stitch (see chart below). Middle: Lion Brand Jiffy and Red Heart Soft, in garter stitch. Right: Red Heart Soft and Lion Brand Homespun, in seed stitch.

This one is so easy! The day I designed this, I knit two of them, and did a third the next day. Great way to bust down your stash, especially if you're knitting up some stuff for sale!

Two balls of worsted weight yarn (between 150-250 yards each) in coordinating colors
Size US 17 needles

In the neighborhood of 10-12 sts to 4-5 inches

Finished Measurements
5 inches wide x as long as the shorter ball of yarn lasts

Holding both yarns together, cast on 10 sts and work in the desired non-curling pattern of your choice until you reach the desired length of the scarf, or the yarn runs out.

Good stitch patterns for this are garter stitch, seed stitch, double stitch, and moss stitch. Here's the chart for double stitch, since you might not know that stitch, or call it by a different name:


Ribbing, either 1x1 or 2x2, would also work well if stitches were increased to 12 or 14 to account for the horizontal shrinking, but keep in mind that will produce a shorter scarf with the same amount of yarn.

Notes on Yarn Selection
There are so many great ways to combine two yarns to create a unique fabric. You can choose two yarns of identical or near-identical color, but different texture; or same yarn, different colors; or different yarns and different colors. One of my favorites is to choose one varigated yarn and match the other yarn to one of its colors. Bright colors look great paired with black, and pastels look good with white. The possibilities are, dare I say, endless.